Reverse Engineering

In my last post “Visualize Success”, I discussed that when I could clearly visualize accomplishing a goal, it usually happens and sometimes exactly the way that I pictured it! So it got me to thinking back to when I didn’t accomplish a goal of mine and what was different. This is when I realized there was another step that I took in addition to the visualization part of it. That next step was to “reverse engineer” my goal. I had to start at the point of accomplishment and work by way back, step by step to see what I had to do to actually achieve my goal. Although visualization is extremely powerful, action must be taken to set it in motion.

Let’s do some reverse engineering. Here is what I want you to do:

  1. Pull out your dream that you just created – remember, the more detail the better. Imagine you are writing a movie. Everyone watching wants the good details.
  2. Now think about the action items that you need to do in order to make your dream a reality.
    • Take it ONE STEP at a time starting from you actually accomplishing your goal. What would have had to have happened directly before you accomplishing your goal?
    • Now think about what would have to have happened before that step and so on.
      • Don’t limit yourself. According to Marie Forleo, “Everything is figure-outtable.”
  3. Write those steps down with a timeline and milestones for getting them done.
  4. Start working on your first step to accomplishing your dream!

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