The Little Book of Talent

the little book of talent

“If I had to sum up the difference between people in the talent hotbeds and people everywhere else in one sentence, it would be this:

People in the hotbeds have a different relationship with practice.

Many of us view practice as necessary drudgery, the equivalent of being forced to eat your vegetables, far less important or interesting than the big game or the big performance. But in the talent hotbeds I visited, practice was the big game, the center of their world, the main focus of their daily lives. This approach succeeds because over time, practice is transformative, if it’s the right kind of practice. Deep practice.” – Daniel Coyle; page 39.

In previous weeks I have shared how important practice is and being purposeful about your actions. As you can see this is not a theme that is exclusive. It runs deep throughout all areas of life, especially the areas that we want to be called “professionals”. To set yourself apart, to rise above the rest, you must have a “different relationship with practice”.

Daniel Coyle shares his 52 tips on the best ways to develop your talents. They are simple yet extremely applicable and inspirational!

Take Action:

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  • Click on the image of the book and get your copy!
  • Start putting these ideas to use and watch the transformation take place in your own life.

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