Itís Time To Learn From It.

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Itís transformer time Ė and I donít mean that type that you used to play with when you were a kid! But the thought process isnít too far off from that. We are going to take something and transform it into something even better, so I guess the idea of the toy transformer isnít that far off in theory.

Alright Ė so now we have dreamt it, lived it, and celebrated our successes. Now it’s time to learn from it. Letís be honest, we all know that not everything goes picture perfect along the way to accomplishing greatness but the best lessons can be learned not from what went right, but from what didnít.

The last step in the process to accomplishing your dream and to create habits for future greatness is to learn from everything that worked and especially from the things that didnít work. In the action box below, I am sharing another great tool from one of my best mentors Dan Sullivan. This tool will help you transform the good, the bad and the ugly from an experience that you recently went through in a way that you can utilize every piece of it to make your future better.

Experience Transformer

  1. Describe the experience that you would like to improve and learn from.
  2. List out everything that worked or went well.
  3. List out everything that didnít work or go well.
  4. List out improvement ideas:
    • If you could do this experience over, knowing what you know now, what would you do differently?
  5. Create a series of actions that would allow you to execute a similar experience easier, faster, cheaper, and/or with much bigger results.
  6. Refer back to this document if you encounter a similar experience in the future and ROCK it out this time around!

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