My Favorite! Let’s Celebrate!

Celebrating winning is fun! It’s inspiring and it’s the reward you get for putting in the work. It reminds you of the goals you set and why you set them in the first place.

It today’s world, the government and press thrive on the losses. They have tried to condition us that there is a lot more losing going on than there is winning. But this simply isn’t true.

On most days we all win a lot more than we lose, yet at the end of the day when we reflect back, we tend to focus on the things we didn’t achieve rather than the things that we did accomplish. It all comes down to how we choose to look at things.

When I first started to focus on this different outlook – positive vs. negative – I decided to run a test experiment with my family. At the time my kids were 6 and 3 years old. Each night when we sat down to eat dinner I would ask each of them to discuss the top three things they did that day that had them excited. If they tried to discuss something that didn’t work, I would stop and tell them that there are always a few things that don’t work and that’s o.k. as long as we learn from them, but for this discussion we can only share things that are positive. Within a week, everyone was anxious to tell each other what they were excited about from their day! The atmosphere changed in our household. It even seemed as though we were all accomplishing more great things each and every day in comparison to before we made this exercise a habit and we probably were!

When you have put in the hard work and have measured your results you OWE it to yourself to celebrate the wins. But once again, this requires you to be thoughtful and purposeful about what you do day in and day out. Set your goals, practice the right things, measure your results, and then – my favorite! Let’s celebrate your wins!


Dan Sullivan, creator and founder of The Strategic Coach is a genius who provides great tools to help you proactively think. Check out this awesome tool called the “Win Streak”. You can download this App for free through the Apple App Store or through Google play. It provides you an easy way to track your daily “wins” and start adjusting your focus to a POSITIVE focus!

My challenge to you is the “21 Day Positive Focus Challenge” where you will track 3 wins from each day. I believe you will see a big difference in many aspects of your life once you are done.

I would love to hear your progress and thoughts. Jump down below to the comments section and provide your feedback!

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