The Energy Filter

“Surround yourself with people who see Greatness in you.” – Bo Eason

When I am trying to achieve greatness there are inevitably two types of people that I run across, the people who motivate and inspire me to be the best and the naysayers who come up with every reason why I can’t.  It is important to distinguish who in your life gives you energy or steals it from you.

One weekend, I was flying back from a workshop that I coached in Denver. I knew that all the endless hours of practice and preparation had paid off and that the workshop was a success. My energy levels were high, and I was ready to see what else the weekend had in store. I hopped on a plane and flew home for the state rivalry football game. Before the game, I had the opportunity to catch up with some old friends who asked me how my workshop went. I told them that it was a lot of work, but I knew that I delivered value and it was a success. Instead of the positive response that I was expecting, they responded by asking me why I put myself through that much work and effort for one workshop. I responded by saying, “because that is what it takes to be the best”. They said their motto was to do the least amount of work for the most pay. This is when I realized that they were energy suckers. I never noticed it because they were some of my closest friends, but they just did not share my same values and philosophy for success.

The naysayers can have a huge impact on your success, but so can your promoters if you let them. I have made a conscious choice to eliminate the people who drain me of energy and only surround myself with the people who cultivate energy. You would be surprised the difference it makes on your path to greatness

Use my tool, called The Energy Filter linked below to help you think through who the energy givers and takers are in your life.

The Energy Filter (Sample)

The Energy Filter (Blank)

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