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To finalize the discussion over the past couple weeks around my trip to California to attend Bo Eason’s event, I wanted to share what I created through Bo’s direction. Each of the entrepreneurs were to declare what they are going to become the best in the world at and I have shared mine below.

My Vision: To be the best in the world at developing multimillion dollar producers.

My Why: To find a better what and share it!

I believe…

  • You deserve your time back so that you can be at every one of your kid’s games.
  • Handshake deals mean more than a contract.
  • We should roll up our sleeve and get our hands dirty.
  • You don’t get something for nothing and that we win when you win.
  • In the ripple effect where one success builds directly on another.
  • That none of us is as smart as all of us.
  • That we learn from each other and that teamwork really works.
  • In belly laughs, high fives, and popping corks to celebrate every win.
  • There are no magic pills.
  • In providing a roadmap, accelerating your journey, and showing you a better way to get there.
  • In running against the pack and finding an unfair advantage that ethically torches the competition.

Let’s build a world together where you have the roadmap and tools to achieve your desired lifestyle!

Now it’s your turn! What are you going to be the best at in the world? Create your own declaration and use that as your filter to determine what actions you take each day. Be sure that you are creating a road map to lead you to your ultimate destination – which is to be the best in the world!

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  1. Jerry:

    Love it! My favorite phrases: “running against the pack” (you have to be intentional), “finding an unfair advantage” (essential), and “ethically torches the competition” (what a nice way of saying “kill the bastards”!

    Awesome job,


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