The Best

Thoughts from 20 entrepreneurs

Last week I wrote you from Bo Eason’s event in California where 20 entrepreneurs focused on being The Best in the world at what they do. This week I am extremely excited to share with you some of the “gems” that came out of these great minds!

The wisdom in the room: Read what the common themes were that were shared amongst the attendees in the room below and challenge yourself to apply them in your own life and career. Get out of your comfort zone and figure out how to push yourself to the next level utilizing their wisdom!

  1. Purposeful Practice.
  2. Be in great shape physically.
  3. You can’t experience comfort while pursing greatness.
  4. Feel the fear and do it anyway.
  5. Success isn’t by chance, it’s by choice.
  6. People choose unhappiness over being uncomfortable.
  7. Prepare to win before you ever show up.
  8. You can either be an example in life or a warning.
  9. What you accept in our presence becomes your standard.


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