About Us

Our Vision

We picture a world where our clients have the roadmap and tools to achieve their desired lifestyle.

What We Believe

    • We believe in giving you your time back and that you should be at every one of your kid’s games.
    • We believe in meetings on the golf course and that handshake deals mean more than a contract.
    • We believe in rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty.
    • We believe we win when you win and don’t believe in getting something for nothing.
    • We believe in belly laughs, high fives and popping corks to celebrate.
    • We believe in the ripple effect and that one success builds directly on another.
    • We believe in teamwork and that none of us is as smart as all of us.
    • We believe in providing a road-map, accelerating your journey and showing you a better way to get there.
    • We believe in running against the pack, giving you an unfair advantage and torching the competition.
    • We believe in your success.
  • Jerry Lujan

    Founder, Owner and Business Coach

    1. Before
    2. After

    Jerry’s Fun Facts

    • Jerry went from a 24 handicap to winning the City Golf Championship Tournament in 1997 with scores of 69, 69, 69.
    • He has been married to his wife, Lisa, for over 26 years.
    • He has coached over 600 of his son, Jared’s, baseball games over the last 10 years.
    • More than 20 of the kids he coached over the years will be playing college baseball.
    • Jerry was a college baseball walk-on for New Mexico State and started all 4 years.
    • Jerry has a photographic memory based on colors.
  • Jerry’s WHY

    Finding a better way and sharing it. People with this WHY constantly seek better ways to do things. They can’t stop themselves from trying to do it better.

    Jerry’s Inspiration

    Jerry is passionate about enhancing  and creating methods and processes that assist people in achieving successful results bigger, faster and easier than they would have on their own. Jerry’s inspiration came from a question his 5 year old daughter asked him back in 1998.

    Read Jerry’s Full Story HERE.

    Jerry’s Background

    Jerry has been in the insurance industry for over 30 years. He has a wide spectrum of experience from being a CSR to Producer to Agency Owner of one of the largest independently owned insurance agencies in the southwest. Jerry was able to grow his personal book of business to over $3 million in revenue utilizing the same methods and strategies that he coaches in his programs. Jerry was also recognized as one of “The Top 25 Most Innovative Agents in America.” Jerry is a published author of the book, “Win on Purpose! Finding A Better Way and Sharing It!”

    Download Jerry’s Book HERE

  • Our Location

    Our office is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico … Home of the beautiful International Balloon Fiesta, where the brilliant sunshine defines the region on an average of 310 days a year!

    Elevation180, LLC
    6400 Indian School Rd. NE Suite 203
    Albuquerque, NM 87110

    More About Albuquerque New Mexico: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albuquerque,_New_Mexico