I’ve Been There …

  • “Daddy, why don’t you love me?”  I stood in complete shock at the question my five-year-old daughter Kelley was asking me.  How could she think such a thing?

    That Saturday morning is one I will never forget. Kelley had asked me for an appointment to take her to the park.  I came back to the house from having already been in the office for a couple hours.  Her question stunned me because she went on to say, “Because you don’t spend any time with me.”

    It was a dagger through my heart––but she was right!  I spent 60-80 hours a week on or at work.

    My Life Was Out of Whack

    A close friend of mine had been telling me for years I was “out of balance.”  Until this ‘appointment,’ I had made excuses about not having the time or the money to utilize any sort of professional coaching myself, but my appointment with Kelley caused me to re-evaluate my priorities. For the first time I realized if I didn’t

  • make a change, I would lose the most important thing to me in my life––my family.

    I Had Been Making Excuses

    Long story short, it was time to quit making excuses.  I learned how to work on the things that mattered in my business and in my life.  Over the next four years I quadrupled my results while learning to work only half the time.  I began to see results in new business growth, more personal time away from the office, and I was named one of the “Top 25 Innovative Agents in America.”

    I Created a Better Way

    If you are like 97% of the sales professionals out there, you are struggling to find the way to maximize your time, your income, and your value to clients. I found a better way and I have to share it!  That is why I developed the Elevation180 program. This step-by-step method delivers industry-leading results to sales professionals like you.

    If you are serious about taking control of your success, I would love to talk to you.

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